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New developments on the LIVE The WHO front...  This tribute band with its resounding response from our last two shows have gotten noticed.  There will be some improvements made to our 'A' team lineup that will only add to the dangerous power of our LIVE performances.  Further details to come and if your lucky enough to catch us at The Magic Bag this year you will be in for something very special.

-Dan Parsons aka old 'Pete'

It is official we now use for sure the SAME equipment as The Who. Our 'Pete Townshend' just picked up a purchase of Rock 'N Roll history. He owns the guitar that was flown from the stage after an incredible concert on June 14th, 1970 at Anaheim, CA. If you have any other information about this concert please email pete @

So here it is:

Pronounced like the phrase: Long Live The WHO

Live The Who is a tribute to The Who at their unstoppable best during 1968-1974. They are the premier, world class tribute to the World's Greatest Rock 'N' Roll band.

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